14:00 – Registration

16:00   Afternoon session (chair: Ariane Briegel)

16:00    Ariane Briegel / Friedrich Förster

16:15    Peter Peters (Maastricht University)


16:40    Florian Fäßler (Institute of Science and Technology Austria)

Arp2/3 Complex Isoform Diversity Governs Lamellipodial Actin Network Architecture 

17:00    Elizabeth Wright (University of Wisconsin Madison)


17:25    Ino AGRAFIOTI (European Research Council)

            Applying for a grant of the European Research Council

18:00   Dinner

19:30   Keynote Lecture (chair: Friedrich Förster)

            Wolfgang Baumeister (Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry)

            Cryo-electron tomography: The Power of Seeing the Whole Picture

21:00   Bar


08:30   Morning session I (chair: Achilleas Frangakis)

08:30    Gaia Pigino (Human Tecnopol, Milan)


08:55    Kelly Lee (University of Washington)

            Visualization of viral protein-mediated membrane fusion cryo-electron tomography

09:15    Christopher Ackerson (Colorado State University)

            A Clonable Selenium Nanoparticle (cSeNP) In Cellular Tomography

09:35    Stefan Raunser (Max Planck Institute for Molecular Physiology)


10:00   Break

10:30   Morning session II (chair: Peijun Zhang)

10:30    Alex DeMarco (Monash University)

            Automated cryo-liftout

10:55    Oleg Sitsel (Max Planck Institute for Molecular Physiology)


11:15    Gregor Weiss (ETH Zürich)

            Dissecting the lifecycle of uropathogens by directly analyzing patient samples with cryo-ET

11:35    Julia Mahamid (EMBL Heidelberg)

            Enabling discovery by in-cell structural biology

12:30   Lunch

14:00   Afternoon session I 

14:00    Martin Pilhofer (ETH Zürich)


14:25    Moritz Wachsmuth-Melm (Heidelberg University Hospital)

Characterization of vRNP clustering in influenza A virus-infected cells using in-situ cryo-electron tomography

14:45    Benedikt Wimmer (University of Zurich)

A link between genotype and structural phenotype in core microbiome members revealed by cryo-ET

15:05    Peijun Zhang (Oxford University / Diamond light Centre)

Visualizing macromolecular structures in situ by cryo-electron tomography and subtomogram averaging

15:30   Break

16:00   Afternoon session II

16:00    David Mastronarde (University of Colorado Boulder)

            Optimizing Tilt Series Alignment Parameters by Cross-validation

16:25    Sagar Khavnekar (Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry)

            PlasmaFIB for high throughput in situ cryo-ET

16:45    Emily A. Machala (Center for Structural Systems Biology, Hamburg)

Signpost origami tags (SPOTs) for identifying Herpes Simplex Virus 1 membrane proteins in native environments

17:05    Achilleas Frangakis (Goethe University Frankfurt)

            Sticky spots: Adhesion mechanisms for cell-cell communication and infection

18:00    Dinner

19:30    Poster session (Odd numbers)

21:00    Bowling Evening


08:30   Morning session I (chair: Arjen Jakobi)

08:30    Ohad Medalia (University Zürich)


08:55    Hugo van den Hoek (Biozentum, University of Basel)

In situ architecture of the ciliary base reveals the stepwise assembly of intraflagellar transport trains

09:15    Camilla Ventura Santos (MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology)

            CryoET of microtubules and their interactors inside cells

09:35    Wanda Kukulski (University Bern)

            Architecture of membrane contact sites between ER and mitochondria

10:00   Break

10:30   Morning session II (chair: Sharon Wolf)

10:30    Jürgen Plitzko (Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry)


10:55    Josie Ferreira (CSSB, Hamburg)

Luminal helices and microtubule giants revealed in the malaria parasite

11:15    Daniela Nicastro (University of Texas Southwestern)

            The molecular organization and function of cytoskeletal assemblies

11:40    Dorit Hanein (Institut Pasteur)


12:30   Lunch

14:00   Meet the sponsors

16:00   Afternoon session II (chair: Julia Mahamid)

16:00    Martin Beck (Max Planck Institute of Biophysics)


16:25    Jun Liu (Yale)

            Visualizing a bidirectional rotary motor in action

16:50    Bettina Zens (Institute of Science and Technology Austria)

Characterizing the architecture of native extracellular matrix by cryo-electron tomography

17:10    Wen Yang (Thermo Fisher Scientific)

            Towards high-resolution and high-throughput in-situ structural biology

18:00   Dinner

19:30   Poster session (Even numbers)


08:30   Morning session I (chair: Wanda Kukulski)

08:30    Grant Jensen (Caltech / Brigham Young University)

            Highlights from recent cryo-ET at Caltech: two new high-res sub-tomogram averages and a couple technical advances

08:55    Wenfei Song (Utrecht University)

            Rubrerythrin encapsulates encapsulins in archaea

09:15    Ricardo Righetto (Biozentum, University of Basel)

            HDCR filaments and higher-order assemblies revealed by in situ cryo-ET

09:35    Janet Iwasa (University of Utah)

            Animating Molecular Machines

10:00   Break

10:30   Morning session II

10:30    Sharon Wolf (Weizmann Institute of Science)

            New developments in cryoSTEM tomography

10:55    Herman Fung (EMBL)

Genetically encoded multimeric labels for protein localisation in cellular cryo-electron tomography

11:15    Tzviya Zeev-Ben-Mordehai (Utrecht University)

Combining cellular tomography with in-cell cross-linking mass spectrometry to identify supramolecular arrays at the mitochondria-cytoskeleton interface

11:35    Bram Koster (Leiden University Medical Centre)

            Electron tomography workflows in flux

12:30   Lunch